Black Desert Online Is Now Live On The Xbox One; Major Content Updates Planned For The Next Few Months

black desert online dark knight aoeKakao Games and Pearl Abyss have officially launched Black Desert Online on the Xbox One. The Xbox One launch also marks the third year since the fantasy MMORPG was officially released in North America. Why did it take so long? Lead Producer for Xbox One Development Kwang-sam Kim explains:

“Black Desert has been running on PC for quite some time, but the Xbox One version was not just a straightforward port of the game. It has been a huge task to bring over nearly everything in the Xbox Version, but we have managed to do it. We didn’t want to sacrifice anything for this version, and never lose sight of our goals.”

Kim says that the team plans to expand rapidly with an update cadence that will see Mediah, Valencia, and Kamasylvia rolled out by the first half of the year. The first half of 2019 roadmap also includes four new classes, world bosses, node and siege wars, awakenings, and absolute skills. “If you’ve ever played an MMORPG, you would know how important it is to continually grow the game, through new classes, new regions to explore and new quests to dive into,” says Kim. “We may be new to the Xbox world, but we are experts at creating memorable MMORPG experiences.”

The Xbox One version of Black Desert Online will also be buy-to-play with copies ranging from $9.99 for the base game all the way up to $99.99 for the Ultimate Edition which includes a free Junaid Cat pet, a Kalstein outfit, a Tier 5 Horse mount and much more. Head over to the Black Desert Online Xbox One site to learn more.

black desert online game editions

Meanwhile, here’s the official launch trailer for you to enjoy, along with a bunch of other Xbox One-related videos.