Black Squad CBT1 Ends, CBT2 Begins July 22

Black Squad, the free to play lobby based Korean tactical shooter from Neowiz just ended its first round of closed beta testing on Steam today. The beta test ran from July 13 - July 15 and was available to everyone on Steam who redeemed a CBT Key from the game's official discord channel. Closed Beta 2 is set to begin on July 22, which is exactly 1 week from now on Saturday. No word on what changes to expect between now and then. The full game is set to launch sometime this summer.

Black Squad plays a lot like other lobby based tactical shooters developed by South Korean companies. It plays very much like Combat Arms or Alliance of Valiant Arms, except with more polished visuals. Check out my first look video to learn more:

  • ivan_

    I'm not sure weapon variety is necessarily a fair indicator of a good shooter. I watched the first look and it looked like COD but have yet to try it myself. After playing Dirty Bomb (for 491 hours over the past two years) I don't think a shooter needs weapon diversity to be moderately successful/fun. If anything wouldn't it be logical that FPS games are more balanced as there's less to tweak come patch time? Dirty Bomb has about 7-8 different main weapons, 2-3 secondaries, 3 melees, and several special ability gimmicks (like in Overwatch). And my god DB just can't be balanced even with so few weapons. All the balance patches are little nerfs and buffs, and then some big ones that were long overdue. Even though DB is a class shooter it plays more like a typical FPS with added parkour and ability gimmicks.

    Black Squad doesn't look like the average Korean FPS game based on the video, at least during gameplay (interfaces are meh). Then again, when I think of Korean FPS, all that comes to mind is bad graphics, P2W, and bad interfaces. Even so maybe I'm not even sure what I'm looking for in a FPS.

    • I think weapon diversity helps. Especially when games let you "collect" weapons and can own them permanently. It gives you something to work towards. At least thats how I feel sometimes. In Korean lobby based shooters i'm not too concerned with balance, so long as it's not ridiculously out of whack. I enjoyed the CBT personally, but I generally enjoy playing these games. I rarely stick with them for more than a week but they're fun.

    • Curst

      This game is not like CoD at all. It's more like CS with easier sniping, heavy emphasis on quick-scoping / no-scoping, and simplified movement mechanics (not crouch- and jump-spam protection).