Korean Lobby FPS Black Squad Leaves Early Access on Steam

The Korean developer free to play lobby shooter Black Squad officially left early access today after spending 2 years there. Despite the game's popularity decreasing since early access launch, the game still averages over 2,500 players online at any given time according to Steamcharts, which makes it one of the most popular free to play shooters.

Game Features:

  • 10 Game Modes: Competitive, Demolition, TDM, and more!
  • Custom Game Creation to play how you want
  • 85+ Weapons: SMGs, Shotguns, Snipers, Rifles, Pistols, LMGs, and more!
  • 48 Maps to master
  • 10 Characters to collect, not including event characters!
  • 460+ Skins for customization

Black Squad is definitely one of the most polished free to play Korean lobby shooters. While it will have a difficult time competing with the likes of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it's an excellent alternative to older Korean lobby shooters like Combat Arms.