Blade and Soul Has Two Events Lined Up For The Celestial Dawn Update Release

blade and soul celestial dawn eventsWhat better way to pique interest in a new patch than to tie it up with an event? Or, better yet make that two events. NCSoft has two special events lined up to mark the release of the Blade and Soul Celestial Dawn Update on June 20th – Weaponsmith’s Forge and Raid Crusade.

Weaponsmith’s Forge will run from June 20th through July 25th. During the event, players can take advantage of significantly discounted upgrade costs. Upgrade materials will also be easier to acquire through the Gildstone event which allows you to exchange Gildstone Tokens for Dragon Express rewards. Gildstone Tokens can be earned by completing Daily Challenges.

The Raid Crusade event will also be running on the same dates. For Raid Crusade, players will have a chance to earn Ephemeral Charms and Elixir Pouches which contain raid buff consumables by completing weekly challenges and Hard Mode for The Drowning Deeps, Ransacked Treasury, and Sandstorm Temple.

Find out more on the Blade and Soul official site. You can also check out last week’s Celestial Dawn teaser trailer after the break just in case you missed it.