New Scarlet Conservatory Raid Is Now Live With The Blade And Soul Scarlet Tears Update

blade and soul scarlet tears dowagers experiments

The highly-awaited Scarlet Tears update is now live on Blade and Soul servers featuring two new chapters of the Temple of Succession storyline. The story culminates in the new Scarlet Conservatory Raid where players level 60 and up will face off against Dowager’s experiments. “It turns out the Scarlet Conservatory was merely a staging ground for some of the Dowager’s [...]

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Blade And Soul Kicks Off Legends Reborn Event Today; Server Merges Scheduled For April 24th

blade and soul legends reborn banner

The time has come for the brave martial artists of Blade and Soul to test their mettle against The Lord of the Inferno and the Sacred Longgui as the Legends Reborn event kicks off today. The Ring of Reckoning, the Desolate Mausoleum, and the Burning Mausoleum are now live and unique achievements, titles, and rewards await those who successfully defeat [...]

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Blade And Soul Will Be Turning Three Years Old, Exclusive Costume Up For Grabs

black desert online third anniversary

Blade and Soul will be celebrating their third anniversary this coming January 19th. NCSoft will be kicking off the anniversary celebrations on January 16th and will run until the February 3rd. Players can visit Jadestone Village to join the festivities and get the chance to earn cosmetic rewards by completing quests and challenges, including the exclusive Cutting Edge costume designed [...]

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