Take On A Sacred Fire-Breathing Dragon In New Blade And Soul 12-Man Raid

blade and soul koldrakFancy going up against a massive fire-breathing dragon in Blade and Soul? You and your team will get a chance to face off against the sacred dragon Koldrak in his fiery abode when the Fire and Blood update rolls out next week.

“Long ago, Koldrak, a sacred beast, was born from flames. As Dark Chi began to consume the Earthen Realm, Koldrak sought refuge in a volcanic cavern. Although Koldrak was powerful, even he began to fall victim to the immense power of the Dark Chi. As it slowly consumed Koldrak, his loneliness and anger grew until it overcame him. The Eight Masters knew Koldrak in his current state would bring about the destruction of the world, so they devised a plan to quell the unstable Koldrak. Wise enough to know that they could not defeat him, the Eight Masters decided the only way to stop the end of the world was to seal him in ice for eternity. The Eight Masters succeeded in their quest; however, the primordial flame is not so easily extinguished, and now the ice has melted.

Koldrak—awake and furious—is out for revenge.”

Koldrak’s Lair is a new 12-man raid which will feature the new Quick Time Events mechanic. “At various times throughout the fight you’ll be prompted to react to attacks Koldrak unleashes by following the on screen prompts to push back the fire.” The raid is open to level 55 players and will be open five times a day. Players will have 50 minutes to defeat Koldrak and will earn rewards depending on how much damage they contributed during the fight. Additional rewards also go to the player who lands the killing blow.

Fire and Blood is scheduled to go live on March 21st. You’ll find a preview of the update right after the jump. We’ve also included the Koldrak’s Lair trailer right after that. You can also head over to the Blade and Soul official site for more info.