Blade And Soul Forgotten Souls Update Is Now Live With A New Heroic Dungeon

blade and soul forgotten souls art bannerIn case you’ve forgotten, the Blade and Soul Forgotten Souls update officially dropped today. The update features the new Stonescale Passage 6-man Heroic Dungeon for players level 60 and up. The dungeon also requires a Hongmoon Level (HM) of 22 and above.

“Amasa and Amayun, two powerful malevolent spirits, have been capturing souls transitioning from the Earthen Realm to the Spirit Realm and casting them down into their treacherous domain, causing chaos. Restore the order that keeps the mortal and Spirit Realm separate by defeating them and bringing safety to the Beyond!”

The update also comes with a pair of in-game events. Collect Ebon Blooms from the new Ebon Realm event zone and exchange them for XP Charms, Gilded Triangular Gems, Octagonal Garnet, Octagonal Obsidian, and more by visiting Coin Exchange Merchant Asimjin at the zone’s entrance. Players can also participate in the Call to Arms event where they have the chance of acquiring upgradeable gear by completing a variety of weekly and daily challenges.

Check out the official Forgotten Souls update trailer and developer Q&A after the break. You can also browse through the full patch notes on the Blade and Soul official site.