Blade And Soul Midnight Reborn Arrives On August 19 With A New Heart Tier And Compound System

blade and soul midnight reborn bannerBlade and Soul closes out the summer season with a bang with the release of the Midnight Reborn update. The update features a new Heart tier, the new compound system, and a bunch of new events.

The new Heart tier will allow players to increase their character’s attack power, critical chance, and HP, and unlock the new Resolution Skill Strike which deals a massive 250k points of damage when triggered. The new Compound System, on the other hand, will give players access to a secondary equipment window where players can equip accessories to increase their stats and even fuse them with runes.

Finally, the developers will be kicking off a whole host of new events to mark the updates release including the Heart Maker event that gives players a chance to upgrade their hearts at reduced gold and material costs. Players can also grab the Heatwave bathing suit and a 7-day Premium Pass through the Summer Chill event.

Head over to the Blade and Soul official site to learn more.

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