Blade And Soul Steel Bonds Goes Live On May 20 With Part 2 Of The Steelbreaker Raid

blade and soul steel bonds bannerNCSoft has just announced the release date for the next Blade and Soul content drop. The Steel Uprising storyline picks up where it left off with Steel Bonds which will be launching on May 20th.

Steel Bonds will feature Part 2 of the Steelbreaker raid where players will face off against Zinji and Hyon for a chance to acquire pieces of the all-new Kingslayer Outfit. Completing Silversteel Chapter 6 and the new raid will also allow players to acquire new evolution materials that they can use to upgrade their Thornbreaker weapons to Silversteel, the latest raid tier. Players will also be able to upgrade their Lionroar and Wingsong PvE weapons to Stage 7-9 once the update hits the servers.

The update’s release will also mark the start of the Jubilant Jackpot event. Pick up the free Jubilant Jackpot event item from the Hongmoon Store on May 20th to get a variety of guaranteed and random rewards along with the next stage of the Jackpot. There will be a 24-hour cooldown before you can open the next Jackpot stage. Reach Stage 10 to earn a Lion Club Pet and a whole host of materials.

Stay tuned over the next couple of days for more Steel Bond previews. You can also head over to the Blade and Soul official site for more details.