NCSoft Reveals The New Blade And Soul Class & Job Extension System

blade and soul tusan classRemember that new Blade and Soul class that NCSoft teased a couple of days ago on the Korean website? The one with the really big sword? Well, the developers have finally revealed the details of the upcoming class in their latest Vision Preview video.

According to MMOCulture, the new Tusan class will wield a massive greatsword and will feature high attack and defensive stats. The Tusan will also have the ability to activate two different attributes: “Berserk” which will give a temporary damage boost, and “Belief” which gives the Tusan mid-range fighting capabilities. NCSoft will be rolling out the new class in Korea on June 14.

Aside from the new class, NCSoft will also be dropping new content into the game. This includes the new job extension system which will give endgame players something new to do. The system will be available to all current classes and will allow players to ascend their characters to the next tier to make them stronger. The Warlock clas, for example advances into a “Distortionist” you can check that out in the video below along with a preview of the upcoming Tusan class.