Blade And Soul Unveils The Next Major Update - Empyrean Shadows

blade and soul empyrean shadows bannerNCSoft has just announced the next major update coming to their martial arts MMORPG Blade and Soul just a few weeks after the Scarlet Tears update hit the live servers. According to the new teaser page, the upcoming update, called Empyrean Shadows, will introduce the next chapter in the game’s storyline – Chapter 10: The Gathering Dark.

“To understand the future, you must first experience the past. Continue your journey to the Empyrean Citadel, meeting new allies and facing familiar foes. As Mushin's power grows, the time is near to determine if a reawakened power is the key to stopping him.”

The update will also introduce 3rd Class Specializations for the Kung Fu Master and the Blade Master. The Kung Fu Master’s “Way of the Iron Claw” will give them the ability to tear through their opponents as they “transform into one of three ferocious wolf forms or beat them into submission with a mighty gauntlet of iron.” The Blade Master’s “Way of the Spectral Blade” on the other hand, will allow them to harness the “power of the Divine Realm” to sharpen their blades and guide their strikes.

Empyrean Shadows will also come with a new dungeon called the Warped Citadel a corrupted version of the Empyrean Citadel.

“The Empyrean Citadel has been corrupted by the Dark Chi of the former Prince Sobu. Bearing an immutable grudge and seeking judgment against those who wronged him, the Citadel has been turned into nightmarish realm of necromancy where the dead have risen, and the ghosts of the past seek salvation. Can you stop the cursed prince before his evil spreads?”

Need a break from taking on the bad guys or besting each other in PvP? Why not kick back and relax in your nearest fishing grounds and see if you can reel in that prized catch. All of that goes live with the Empyrean Shadows update. NCSoft has yet to reveal a date for the update’s release. We’ll let you know as soon as more information comes up.

In the meantime, take a peek at what the expansion has to offer in the official trailer below. You can also head over to the Blade and Soul official site for more info.