Blade and Soul: Theater of Mystery Officially Live - New Level Cap of 55, New Dungeons, and More

blade and soul theater of mystery

The previously announced Theater of Mystery update for Blade and Soul officially launched earlier this week and with it comes a new heroic dungeon, solo dungeon, and much more. Perhaps more importantly, the level cap has increased to 55, the first increase in level cap since the North American version of the game launched.

Update highlights:

  • Dreamsong Theater Dungeon – 6-player end-game dungeon challenges players to make a curtain call and find out the nefarious evil behind disappearances at the Dreamsong Theater on the Street of Songs in the Dasari Palace.
  • New Level Cap - New level cap of 55 and Hongmoon Level Cap of 30.
  • Den of the Ancients – Solo end-game dungeon that pits players against three immortal spirit guides called the Alphas. Defeat each of the three bosses for incredible rewards.
  • Dungeon Challenge Mode –This leaderboard challenge will track dungeon groups as they clear some of the most difficult dungeons in the Earthen Realm, with exclusive rewards.
  • Holiday Treasure Trove The famed Treasure Trove is back and packed with tons of holiday cheer. Any player with characters over level 36 can log in each day and open their Treasure Trove once for free.

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