Bless Online Devs Hope for 6-Month Early Access

While many potential players have been yearning for more details on when the game will fully release, NeoWiz, the development team behind Bless Online has stated in a recent interview that they are planning for a 6-month Early Access.

In their recent interview Bless' Game Director Jae-hoon Jeon explains that this Early Access period will act as a soft launch of the game, and that players not need worry about having their characters and items deleted or wiped from the systems before the full launch. Along with other things mentioned in this interview, the devs make mention of easing the amount of grinding players must do by focusing the leveling content on story, dungeons, and questing. In other words, trading a monster-grind for a quest-based one.

It is also mentioned that there are no plans or thoughts on region-locking for the game, aside from what may be required by obligations to partners / publishers in other territories outside of North America and Europe. Another important note is that while there are concerns about the game turning into a "Pay-to-Win" scenario, the devs have expressed that they do not intend nor wish for that to become the case.

For further information, the full interview may be found here.