Bless Online Reveals New Details for Upcoming Assassin Class

Bless Online's much awaited addition of the Assassin class launches next month, and the developers have released a sneak peek of what's to come in their latest Producer's Letter.

Assassins are masters of stealth and guile, so watch out; if you let your guard down you may find yourself poisoned, ambushed, or just quietly stabbed. Assassins are often focused on one thing and one thing only: the elimination of their target! If you allow one to sneak up behind you, you may not live to regret it.

Players won't have to worry about faction locks as both Hieron and Union factions will have access to the class. On Hieron, the Assassin will be playable with the Sylvan Elf, Habicht and Mascu. Whereas on Union, the Aqua Elf, Amistad and Pantera will be able to take on the new class.

The Assassin class will also have the option of either action-targeting or tab-targeting combat modes, just in case you wanted to change up your playstyle.

In addition to the release of the Assassin class, Bless will also be releasing some ambitious new PvP modes, including the Siege of Castra and the Dominion Contract/Capital War.

Players will be able to experience the new large scale PvP content Siege of Castra during its scheduled times. Capping at a maximum of 70v70, Siege of Castra will pit players of Hieron and Union factions against each other in a heated battle for victory.

We’ll also be introducing the Dominion Contract system and the Capital War! A Dominion Contract is a contract that grants the authority to rule a specific territory within a faction...The Capital War is the battle that determines who holds the top rank of Protector Marshall or High Praetor, depending on the faction. During Capital War, players and guilds will be able to earn rewards for both victory and participation!

For those who are eagerly anticipating the new content, players will be happy to hear that the Assassin update is coming soon and "is slated for the second week of August". In the meantime, get ready to raise your weapons and rally your guildmates for the upcoming Capital War guild PvP mode.