Bless Unleashed Launching on PC in 2021

bless unleashed red archer banner

Neowiz announced today that Bless Unleashed, the Unreal Engine 4 remake of Bless Online, is launching on PC sometime in early 2021. The game is currently available exclusively on Xbox One as a free to play title, but will be coming to PC soon. The game's Steam page is already live.

Bless Online has a bit of a checkered history on the PC. The game shut down in September 2019 after suffering from serious performance issues. The worst part of the Bless saga is that the developer, Neowiz, promised that the Western release of the game solved the performance issues which plagued the Korean version of the game, but they clearly didn't. The game also launched as a buy to play title which left many feeling scammed.

On a more positive note though, Bless Unleashed will be free to play and remade on Unreal Engine 4 (vs Unreal 3 for the original Bless Online), so the performance issues are likely resolved.