Blizzard Announces "The War Within" The 1st of 3 New World of Warcraft Expansions (2024 Launch)

Blizzcon kicked off today and with it comes major news for Blizzard's biggest franchise: World of Warcraft. A new series of expansions titled "The Worldsoul Saga" was announced today and will include 3 expansions, the first of which is titled "The War Within" and is scheduled to launch sometime next year.

The first expansion takes place in a subterranean area with 4 new zones of Khaz Algar, the home of titan-forged Earthen. Other new features include an increased level cap to 80, a new allied race called 'Delves', new skills and talent trees, and much more.

Check out the features overview trailer below to learn more:

The War Within Features Overview | World of Warcraft

Perhaps the most surprising part of this announcement is that this is the first time Blizzard has announced 3 expansions at once. While we don't know the release schedule of all 3 games, the first is launching sometime next year. I suspect the next 2 will luanch in the following 2 years, but that's just my speculation. The next expansion is titled 'Midnight' and the last one in the 'Worldsoul Saga' is "The Last Titan".

As with previous World of Warcraft expansions, the game includes 3 editions. The base adition ($49.99), heroic ($69.99), and epic ($89.99). Only the most expensive epic edition includes beta access, but more importantly includes 3 days early access once the game launches.

Check out the cinematic trailer below:

The War Within Announce Cinematic | World of Warcraft

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