Cabal 2's Black Wave Update Launched Alongside Reindeer Rampage Event


Cabal 2's Black Wave: Gray Canyon Defense War update has launched right in time for the holidays. A new 24-player raid has opened, allowing players to take on "the deadliest and fiercest creatures in the dungeons of Ektensia." Twelve waves of progressively more difficult monsters will stand in your way, should you decide to face the challenge. Rewards include new Azure and Azure Night Nightmare gear—some of which is pictured above.

From now until December 28th, the Reindeer Rampage event will also be going on. "Nefarious" reindeer will invade Desertfort, Frey Hilltown, Gray Canyon, and Labyrinth Forest. Players will be tasked with defending these locations from these "adorable and deadly reindeer." The event will grant "giant sacks of presents and treasure" to those who take part.