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Cabal 2

Cabal 2 is a 3D fantasy MMORPG and the sequel to the original Cabal Online. With fast-paced gameplay and a similar combo system, Cabal 2 offers the same action-oriented gameplay that made the original Cabal Online so popular.

Publisher: ESTGames
Playerbase: High
PvP: Duels / Arenas
Release Date: July 2, 2015 (NA/EU)
Shut Down Date: April 18th, 2018
Pros: +Combo stacking system. +Modern game engine. +Great character customization. +Fluid gameplay.
Cons: -Generic fantasy setting.


Cabal 2 Overview

Cabal 2 is the sequel to widely-popular MMORPG Cabal Online. Choose from six unique classes, with original ones like the Force Blader and Force Archer, along with a new Priest class. Master the use of your skills and chain them together to unleash devastating combos. Embark on quests through stunning environments developed using the CryEngine 3 platform, while battling monsters, exploring dungeons, and looking for clues to the mysterious disappearance of children all across the continent.

Cabal 2 Key Features:

  • 6 Playable classes – play as a Warrior, Wizard, Force Blader, Force Shielder, Force Archer, or a Priest.
  • Combo System – chain attacks together to rack up combos that not only look cool, but also increase your damage.
  • Flashy Finishing Moves – successfully pull off a finishing move to finish off bosses in style.
  • Battle Mode – summon Astral Weapons to temporarily grant your character powerful skills to take on that particularly difficult monster.
  • Abyss Quests – complete daily Abyss quests to gain additional experience and grow stronger faster.
  • CryEngine 3 – the game runs on the CryEngine 3 to give players top-notch graphics and outstanding visual effects.

Cabal 2 Screenshots

Cabal 2 Featured Video

Cabal 2 Gameplay First Look HD - MMOs.com


Cabal 2 Classes

Warrior – melee damage dealers with slow, but powerful attacks. They specialize in AoE (area of effect) skills using two-handed swords or chains. Warriors wear plate armor, but the lack of a shield means they have relatively low defense.

Wizard – caster class with the highest DPS potential. They can only wear cloth armor, which means they suffer from low defense and health. Besides direct damage spells, Wizards can also cast immobilize, buff, and debuff spells.

Force Blader – a versatile class that uses force-imbued sabres to attack with high speed. Bladers use leather armor and possess both melee and ranged skills.

Force Shielder – the primary tanking class. Force Shielders use one-handed melee weapons and large shields. The use of shields, combined with plate armor, gives them the highest armor and stamina in the game. While their damage potential isn't as high, their tanking role makes Shielders essential in large groups.

Force Archer – ranged fighters equipped with force-imbued bows. Archers have access to a variety of skills to control fights including snares, DoTs, cleanses, and roots. Proper skill use is very important for this class, making it more difficult for beginners to play properly.

Priest – magic users who focus on healing and empowering their allies, rather than raw damage potential. Like Wizards, they rely on cloth armor. Priests use slates (spell books) and crystals to cast their spells.

Full Review

Cabal 2 Review

By Marc Marasigan

Cabal 2 is a fantasy-themed 3D MMORPG developed and published by ESTsoft, a South Korean game development company, and is the sequel to the hit MMORPG, Cabal Online, from the same company. Cabal 2 was initially released in Korea in 2012 and has since been ported over for the North American audience. The game is currently in open beta, which went live in North America on July 2, 2015. Since the game only came out a few days before this review, please keep in mind that this is a first look review and some of the features might change in the future.

Cabal 2 deviates from the original game’s techno-punk feel, opting instead for a more traditional, high fantasy theme. The game is set in the mythical fantasy world of Ektensia, where children with unusually strong magical powers have suddenly gone missing. Players take on the role of a mercenary on a quest to find their kidnapped sister, which is somehow related to the mysterious disappearances.

The World of Ektensia

Players journey through a visually stunning and detailed world running on the CryEngine 3 platform. The environments are incredibly detailed and a visual treat, even when you’re just chilling in a crowded city. The graphics shine the most when unleashing flashy combos wherever you fight in a lush forest, an ant-infested desert, or an instanced lava-filled dungeon. The character models are also well-made and even turn their heads to look at a selected target. This might seem unimportant, but it’s these minute details that show how much effort the developers have put into creating the game. The sound effects and background music are also pretty good, but unlike the original game which featured rock and heavy metal music, Cabal 2 went with the more traditional classical/orchestra music, which fits the game’s theme quite nicely.

So It Begins

Players begin their journey by choosing from one of six character classes. Supposedly, the Korean version of the game featured gender-locked classes, but was changed to satisfy the North American market. After choosing their class and gender, players are then given the opportunity to customize their character’s appearances. Players can either choose from one of the available presets, which range from decent-looking to downright hilarious, or they can choose to mix-and-match with the myriad of options available. Cabal 2’s character customization, while not the best, is actually one of the more in-depth and robust ones I’ve come across in the genre. And for those of you wondering, yes, the game features a boob slider, and a handful of others beside.

The Story Unfolds

Players are treated to a quick cutscene before being thrown into the thick of battle against a horde of enemies. Don’t worry though players initially have access to high level skills and should be able to make quick work of the opposition. They are then shown another cutscene before being transported to the beginner zone. The whole game is interspersed with cutscenes, so it’s best to get used to them early on.

As far as gameplay goes, Cabal 2 is your typical MMORPG with quests, instanced dungeons, crafting, pets, mounts, and PvP. Players complete quests (or more accurately, errands for the local townsfolk) while moving from one map to the next. As players would expect from a typical MMORPG, quests are the usual kill-and-collect quests. However, the quests come in the form of chain quests, which players have to complete before they receive their rewards, which from my experience, is still pretty generous considering that you have to complete around 4 or 5 tasks before receiving any form of compensation for all that hard work. What I like about Cabal 2’s quest system is that the quests all have something to do with the storyline, unlike other MMORPGs where locals ask you to gather pumpkins, which, no matter how I look at it, has nothing at all to do with saving the world from the ultimate evil. Speaking of storylines, the game also features an interesting and somewhat unique story which deserves a bit of recognition, in my opinion. Looking for a kidnapped sister just seems more personal than the usual lone hero versus all-powerful evil story. The way the story slowly unfolds by way of quests also lends an air of mystery to the game and keeps players invested longer in the game.

The Art of Combat

Combat in Cabal 2 is fast-paced and action-packed with massive combos, cool animations, and flashy effects. However, it does feel a bit slower than the original game because of Cabal 2’s Tab-targeting and the revamped combo system. The reason behind the redesigned combo system is to allow players to work together rather than focus on their personal combos. The WASD keys are used to move around while the F key functions as an action button used to interact with NPCs and objects, as well as to loot items, which makes the whole game feel very fluid. The number keys are used to launch skills registered on the hotbar. During combat, certain skills can be used to trigger additional skills by pressing the same button within the specified time. This, in turn, triggers the next skill, and the next, in a sequence called Consecutive Skills. This allows players to chain virtually unlimited combos without having to use the entire keyboard to do so. Players can also enter Battle Mode once they gain access to Astral Weapons. In Battle Mode, players are able to use more powerful skills for a limited period of time. This is particularly useful when taking on a difficult boss. Monsters in Cabal 2 also take longer to kill compared to most MMORPGs, probably so players can experience the full effect of combos. This is perfectly fine when taking on a single mob, two at most. Aggroing more than two mobs, however, will likely result in your untimely demise.

Entering the Battlefield

PvP is an essential part of any MMORPG since it not only allows players to test their skills against other players, but also gives them something else to do once they reach the end game. In Cabal 2, players can challenge other players to a duel on the fly. Keep in mind, your HP doesn’t refresh after the duel, so make sure to stay away from aggro mobs. The game also features Battlefields, Cabal 2’s version of Battlegrounds. Unfortunately, this feature can only be accessed by players Level 40 and above, so I wasn’t able to try it out. From what I’ve heard and read, however, only one 18 vs 18 map is currently available.

Setting Up Shop

Like most free-to-play games, Cabal 2 follows a microtransaction-model to generate revenue. Aside from Founder’s Packs, the game also features an in-game cash shop where premium items can be purchased in exchange for e-points that can be bought using real world cash. Currently, the cash shop only contains a handful of items including consumables, such as stat resets and appearance change coupons, as well as mounts and pets. No pay-to-win items, as of this writing let’s just hope it stays that way.

Final Verdict - Great

Even in its early phase, Cabal 2 is shaping up to be an impressive game with awesome visuals and animation, enjoyable audio, a unique storyline, and an action-packed combat system that rarely gets old. However, players will need to have a powerful rig to fully appreciate the game’s graphics. While the game doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre, it’s really not a big point against it since the same can also be said of most MMORPGs that have come out in the past decade. Definitely one of the top games in my list.


Cabal 2 Videos

Playlist: Cabal 2 Preview


Cabal 2 Links

Cabal 2 Official Site
Cabal 2 Source (Fan Site)
Cabal 2 Insider (Fan Site)
Cabal 2 Subreddit

System Requirements

Cabal 2 System Requirements

Minimum Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.5 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 2.5 GHz+
Video Card: GeForce 9500 GT or ATI Radeon 4000 Series+
Hard Disk Space: 25 GB

Recommended Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 / 8
CPU: Intel i5 / AMD II X4 Phenom+
Video Card: GeForce GTS 250 / Radeon HD 4850
RAM: 4 GB or more
Hard Disk Space: 25 GB

Cabal 2 System requirements say 25 GB is needed, but the game is about ~10-12GB installed.


Cabal 2 Music & Soundtrack

Additional Info

Cabal 2 Additional Information

Developer: ESTsoft Inc.
Game Engine: CryEngine 3

Open Beta (NA/EU): July 2, 2015
Closed Beta Date (KR):
November 2011 (1st Korean Beta), October 2012 (2nd Korean Beta)
Open Beta Date (KR): November 2012 (Korea)
English Server Closed Beta: December 2014 (Focus Group Test)

Shut Down Date: April 18th, 2018

Development History / Background:

Cabal Online 2 was first revealed in October 2010, before the start of the G-Star 2010 convention in Busan, South Korea. While the game has been available in Korea for years, an English language version tailored for the Western audience has taken until 2015 to prepare. Built on the CryEngine, Cabal 2 also offers vastly upgraded graphics compared to the original Cabal Online, which first launched back in 2005. Cabal 2 launched in the West into open beta on July 2, 2015. Cabal 2 shut down on April 18th, 2018.



  • I was really hyped and excited for CABAL 2... and then ESTSoft ruined it.

    DRASTICALLY lowered success rates for upgrading, making cash shop only safeguards that much more valuable.

    NERFED the Mount you could get for Alz for players who DID NOT obtain it yet (me) so I felt cheated out.

    REDUCED the amount of times you could do dailies every day.

    REDUCED the amount of exp you get from party grinding IN PARTY AREAS (???)

    REMOVED dungeon drops from being sold on the Auction House, after they were being sold on there for way too long.

    REMOVED Easy Mode from the end-game dungeons so now new players who need gear from those dungeons can never find a party because nobody wanted you.

    Basically if you weren't at max level before this patch, you felt screwed.

    Took them WAY TOO LONG to finally come out with Nation Wars (Let alone level 45 content)

    Ontop of the horrible optimization.... I was done.

    • eh optimization seems fine game runs flawlessly on my pc ... overwhelming amount of botters and devs doing nothing about it is what made me uninstall

      • It ran ok for me, think it was just due to my lower end PC but, it made trying to run dungeons at higher levels rather challenging, not to mention the insane amount of lag I keep getting in towns lol.

  • game itself looks good the game is actually decent ... but bots ruin it completely .. the player base is pretty low and when you get to the second zone you will see 100s of bots with names like "dkjf92396349fdgf" looking like theyre all on follow doing the exact same thing .. major turn off .. if they would crack down on bots and start advertising to get fresh players .. it would have a chance

  • The first thing i saw in this game was a massive amount of bots... spamming the shit out of everything, literally.
    General chat, your pm, your mail box... you name it.
    me want to uninstall right there but luckily i found some "man-up"
    pills lying around and after swallowing a couple hundreds of em i moved
    ahead.It was rather boring anyway so i only prolonged the inevitable /uninstall.

  • Rly bad copy of WOW/Aion..like rly rly BAAAAAD. Cabal 1 is uniqe but EST a.k.a. PLAYTHISGAME is pure cancer, worst costumer support ever !

  • I don't really find this game bad at all I played it during open beta never played it hardcore but I don't see anything wrong with it people say it runs like shit but it has always run fine for me.
    They also call it boring which I don't agree with and the game would be a lot more fun if more people played it but its been neglected by the developers. I tried playing the first game everyone likes so much but it gave me a headache you cant even move the camera to look up you get stuck on every object you cant jump. I prefer Cabal2 over the original but the devs and cabal players still prefer the Cabal since they do maint and updates way more often there.

  • how is Cabal 2 in 2018?

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