CABAL 2's Biggest Update Yet, Calamity Of War, Is Now Live


CABAL 2 - Chapter 2: Calamity of War is now live. The update raises the level cap to 50, adds new dungeons, new items, and a new PvP mode called Nation War. The update's name comes from this new mode that is described as adding to the "brutal fun that is CABAL 2." In this mode, players head to the new Great Wall map, join a cartel of their choosing, and fight for various points on the map. By taking control of the various points, the cartels can earn exclusive access to three new dungeons, the Citadels.

The Great Wall map also contains new world bosses, open PvP, and other new dungeons. By defeating the dungeons' bosses, players can earn the new Black Watchmen Series and Rift Series gear sets.

More details about the update can be found on the new microsite.