You Can Play Taichi Panda 3 Right Now—If You Own An Android Device

If you've been looking forward to the surprisingly awesome-looking Taichi Panda sequel, Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunting, the wait is over—as long as you have an Android device. The game's first Open Beta test went live yesterday and, as of right now, it's exclusive to Android users. There is a PC client available, but, much like Lineage 2: Blood Oath, you will need to log in using an Android device. At present, the test is exclusive to China, but the game is not region locked.

Taichi Panda 3, unlike its predecessors, is an open world MMORPG. Players will be able to tame a large assortment of in-game creatures, some of which include flying mounts—yes, this is a mobile MMORPG that makes use of flying mounts. It has high quality graphics, which are powered by Snail Games' in-house engine, Flexi 3. You may remember that Age of Wushu is built on an older version of the same engine.

Those who are interested can grab the the Android version of the game—and the PC client, should you be so inclined—from the official website. If you do not yet have a Chinese Snail Games account, you will need one. We have a guide for registering an account here. The process of installing and playing the game should be largely the same as Lineage 2: Blood Oath; the Lineage 2: Blood Oath installation and setup guide can be found here.

It should also be noted that, if you have an account on 17173, Duowan, or one of several other Chinese media sites, you can get a gift pack that contains several items that will help you get started in game.

A Western version, much less an English version of any kind, has yet to be announced.