CCP Games CEO On NFTs: Online Game Content Should Have Practical Real World Values

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With NFTs and play-to-earn games quickly gaining popularity, several video game companies have expressed their interest in these cryptocurrency based platforms. In a recent interview, CCP Games CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson revealed his belief in play-to-earn business models and NFTs, comparing them to “retirement plans” earned by investing time in a game.

“Gamers hope that the values created from online games can also be used in reality. The online gaming content should have practical values in the real world,” Pétursson told The Korea Economic Daily. “The gaming industry should evolve to allow gamers to make retirement plans by using the money they earn from games.”

According to KED, CCP Games is currently experimenting with NFTs in EVE Online and have even awarded NFTs during their annual Alliance Tournament eSports event in November. CCP, however, won’t be introducing NFTs or play-to-earn mechanics into the actual game just yet.

“We have conducted research related to NFT and blockchain as they are based on a decentralized system, which is similar to CCP Games' operation. However, it is a little too early for us to entirely introduce NFTs or P2E,” he said. He also added that adopting a play-to-earn business model may divide the playerbase between casual gamers and those trying to make money.

Pétursson further added that the play-to-earn and NFT market is still in its infancy and that it will gradually stabilize and continue to grow as an integral part of the online gaming industry.


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