Eve Online Launches Quadrant 3: Gateway Update Revamping New Player Experience

Eve Online, one of the oldest sci-fi MMORPGs, launched the Quadrant 3: Gateway update today which revamps the new player experience and skill training systems. Alongside this release, the game's developer, CCP Games, announced that Eve Online would be launching on the Epic Games Store on September 23 to further broaden the game's playerbase. While this update is focused on [...]

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EVE Echoes Celebrates First Anniversary On Mobile As EVE Online Celebrates Amarr Foundation Day

eve online amarr foundation day 2021 banner

EVE Echoes is celebrating its first anniversary with a massive update that introduces several new key features to the EVE Online mobile spinoff, including a new training tutorial, new corporation support structures, new data and relic site POI’s, and the new Faction Wargames instance. “In order to adapt to progressive war dynamics, the naval departments of Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, and [...]

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EVE Online Grand Heist Update Now Live, Community Concerned About New Subscriber ISK Rewards

eve online the grand heist key art banner

After a short stint on the EVE Online Singularity test server, CCP Games has officially rolled out the Grand Heist update on the live servers. As we reported last week, the update introduces new gameplay mechanics that allows players to steal millions of ISK from reserve banks scattered across New Eden. But before they can do that, they’ll first have [...]

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EVE Online Patches In ‘Enter The Portal’ Update For Black Ops And Covert Ops Ships

eve online enter the portal banner

After a brief stint on the test server, the Enter the Portal update is now live in EVE Online, bringing various improvements to sneaky stealthy starships. The update adds powerful buffs to Tech 2 Black Ops battleships, rebalances Covert Ops exploration ships, and increases the chained targets for Vorton Projectors. The team has also upped Black Ops ships’ ambush game [...]

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