EVE Online Kicks Off The First Abyssal Proving Grounds Event

eve online first abyssal proving grounds banner

The new Abyssal Proving Grounds are now live in EVE Online, giving Capsuleers the chance to use the Proving Filaments that they’ve collected over the past few days. The first Proving Grounds event will run until July 28th and will feature 2v2 matches between Tech 1 attack, combat, and disruption cruisers with Arbitrator, Bellicose, Blackbird, Caracal, Celestis, Maller, Moa, Omen, [...]

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Eve Online Launches Quadrant 3: Zenith Update

eve online triglavian fleet

Eve Online launched the Zenith update today which is the third part of its Quadrant series of updates. Zenith brings the Triglavian Empire to the height of its power, thus calling upon pilots to prepare for all new content, live events, and challenges that will change New Eden forever. Starting today, pilots can attain Proving Filaments which will enable travel [...]

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EVE Online Will Get A New Instanced PvP Arena And Rotating PvP Events In Next Month’s Update

eve online proving filaments banner

PvP skirmishes in EVE Online is a very one-sided affair with victory almost always going to the side with the most ships and firepower. While this might be a fairly-accurate representation of what a real space battle will feel like, the system might be off-putting for some players, especially ones who’ve been ambushed and bullied by a larger fleet. CCP [...]

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EVE Online Surgical Strike Update Nerfs Capital And Subcapital Ships

eve online surgical strike banner

EVE Online has just been updated with a whole host of balance tweaks with yesterday’s Surgical Strike update. Of significant note is a nerf on the Capital Ship and Subcapital Ship’s survivability to encourage players to focus on killing enemy Capital Ships and structures. “Surgical Strike will bring Capital survivability more in line with the rest of New Eden, reduce [...]

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