EVE Online Unveils New Narrative-Driven Expansion ‘EVE Uprising’ Arriving This Fall

eve online sci-fi sandbox mmo eve uprising key art

EVE Online will be getting brand new content and various improvements as CCP Games unveils a new expansion that’s bound for the sci-fi space sandbox MMORPG this fall. The expansion, dubbed EVE Uprising, will follow a new narrative arc that began this week with the discovery of a mysterious abandoned EDENCOM structure in the Athounon system when its cloaking system [...]

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EVE Online’s New Multiple Character Training Prices Draws Flak From Its Players

eve online sci-fi sandbox mmorpg multiple character training key art

Over the past few months, CCP Games has been trying to introduce new EVE Online monetization schemes that have repeatedly been shot down by the game’s community. The latest is a new “revitalized” version of the space sandbox MMORPGs Multiple Character Training (MCT) feature. “When you purchase Multiple Character Training through the EVE Store, you'll receive a certificate that will [...]

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EVE Online’s EVE Anywhere Cloud-Computing Service Is Now In Alpha

eve online sandbox mmo eve anywhere key art banner

EVE Online will soon be available anytime and anywhere, even on a tablet, as EVE Anywhere officially enters alpha testing. Well, anywhere where there’s internet that is, as the new feature relies on cloud-computing technology to allow players to play the sci-fi space sandbox MMORPG using any browser. “EVE Anywhere has been developed in close collaboration with our trusted partner [...]

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EVE Online Caps Off 19th Anniversary Festivities With A Free-For-All Proving Grounds Event

eve online space sandbox mmo sunesis ffa abyssal proving grounds

EVE Online is closing out its 19th anniversary celebration with a bang, or more accurately, multiple bangs, explosions, and a whole lot of ship debris. CCP Games will be kicking off the Capsuleer Day Proving Grounds event on May 20th featuring free-for-all Abyssal Proving Grounds battles to cap off the festivities. To ensure that everyone can join in on the [...]

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EVE Online CEO Promises No NFT For Tranquility Global Server

eve online rolling thunder update banner

It’s no secret that CCP Games and Pearl Abyss are planning to incorporate blockchain technology and NFTs into their games, including EVE Online, sometime in the future. This was further confirmed when CCP Games retweeted a photograph of the studio’s CEO Hilmar Petursson together with blockchain entrepreneurs at GDC last month. The photo was promptly taken down following massive backlash [...]

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EVE Online’s PLEX For GOOD: Ukraine Campaign Has Raised Over $500K

eve online foundation quadrant key art banner

CCP Games, with the help of the EVE Online community, has raised a total of $501,652 in donations through their PLEX for GOOD: Ukraine fundraising campaign. The proceeds will go towards helping those affected by the extended armed conflict in Ukraine, specifically to The UN Refugee Agency and the National Bank of Ukraine’s Humanitarian Assistance Fund. “With the war still [...]

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