ChangYou Launching New Mobile Title Castle of Legends "Soon"

We mentioned last week that Changyou was planning to launch 6 new games overseas, and it looks like they're hard at work to hit that target as quickly as possible. This week Changyou's press contact told us that Castle of Legends will be launching in Western markets "soon" and that they recently won Game Connection's People's Choice Awards 2017 at a conference in San Francisco.

Castle of Legends is a strategy game with RPG elements. Players construct a castle and recruit various heroes across from different times (think Albert Einstein, King Arthur, etc) to fight for them. Despite having RPG elements and hero collecting, the core gameplay looks similar to other mobile strategy games like Game of War and Clash of Clans. The game's cartoony aesthetic does look quite nice though and may help differentiate it from the countless other base building strategy games. 

ChangYou's other mobile game offerings currently include Star Fury and Galaxy Conflict. They aren't Chinese game developer eyeing Western expansion. Netease launched Revelation Online this last week and they also launched a handful of mobile games last year including Tome of the Sun. Expect more and more Chinese companies releasing their games in the West in the coming year.

Additional information can be found on their Googleplay Store page.