Changyou Plans to Launch 6 New Games "Overseas", Reentering U.S. Market?

Dewen Chen, CEO of Changyou, revealed in an investor Q&A session today that the Chinese company plans to launch ~6 games in the overseas market (presumably in the West):

And additionally we also think that overseas market has huge potential. So since last year we have been preparing actively some new games targeted towards overseas market.

We have around six games that targeted towards overseas market in our portfolio, as we all know it’s not easy job to do for the overseas market. So we’ll be accumulating experience in those markets and then launch those games quietly.

Changyou hasn't had much luck in the Western market in the past; their flagship game, Dragon Oath (TLBB in China) shut down in 2016. Other Changyou titles were shut down years ago with Zentia closing in 2012 and Sword Girls in 2013. They also spent $50 million buying Raidcall (a competitor to Ventrillo / Team-speak) back in 2013 which turned out to be an awful bet, as its popularity dwindled over the years until they eventually shut down their U.S. servers in 2015.

Despite their past failings, it looks like Changyou isn't ready to give up on the Western market. I suspect Changyou's new Western offerings will be mobile MMOs, but nothing has been officially announced just yet.

Source: Changyou Q4, 2016 Earnings Transcript