Take A Quick Look At Character Creation In City Of Titans

city of titans costumesFrom masks and helmets to capes and skimpy spandex armor, a superhero game just isn’t complete without cool superhero costumes. For the upcoming MMORPG City of Titans, the task of designing these costumes falls on the hands of Kayla “Z06” Bianchi, and her fellow costume designers. The devs recently sat down with Bianchi for a brief interview about her work on City of Titans, and the games that inspired her to be part of the video game industry.

“There are several games that have changed my life and added a lot of perspective to it. I mean I started with Doom and I think almost everyone can say that game was revolutionary and set the stage for the FPS genre. The first time I ever got lost in a game and felt like I was part of it though, was playing a little game called Pokemon Red version on my gameboy. That is when I saw what games could be. I knew from that point on that I wanted to be apart of this industry and make worlds where people could get lost in them just like I did.”

Missing Worlds Media also released a teaser showing off the game’s character creation. You can check that out in the video below. You can also head over to the City of Titans official site for more info.