Cloud Pirates Officially Launches As A Free-To-Play Game

With the release of today's Stronghold update, Cloud Pirates is officially a fully launched free-to-play game. The update brings with it the ability to queue as a three-player team, Brotherhood Strongholds, the Stronghold Siege mode, a new rating system, and more.

Brotherhoods are Cloud Pirates' version of guilds. Players can join a Brotherhood and work to gather Meteoric Ore from Convoy Mode, which they will then use to create their own Stronghold. Once a Brotherhood has a Stronghold, they can participate in the Stronghold Siege mode, where they will either defend their Stronghold or attack another Brotherhood's, during certain times of day.

You can read more about the Stronghold update here. Those who are interested can download the game via the official website. It will soon be free-to-play on Steam, as well, but, as of this writing, the move to free-to-play has not yet happened on Steam.