Console Version of Tera Begins Open Beta on March 9th

tera velik sanctuary

En Masse Entertainment announced today that the open beta for the console version of Tera is set to launch on March 9th, 2018 for both Xbox One and Playstation 4. Open beta will run from March 9th 6AM PST until March 12 12:00 Am PST. Players can access the beta via the PlayStation Store or Microsoft Store beginning on the 9th.

While there's no release schedule for a full release, it's clear that the console version of Tera is finally happening. The game's action oriented combat lends itself to console play and given how successful games like Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter have been on consoles, no one should be surprised to see more and more PC MMOs embracing the platform. Black Desert Online is also set to launch on console later this year.

  • Preciel

    I feel bad for the console players that are about to get tricked and treated like brainless cash cows by enmasse..

  • SL Leng

    I hope it does well on consoles since i still play it a few minutes here and there on PC. I seen some gameplay of it on consoles though, looks like when you turn all the settings on low on pc, pretty awful.

    Maybe in the final release it'll be more equal to the pc version. Most comes down to their cpu, i don't think the consoles have strong enough single threaded performance to brute force through this game good enough to give a stable framerate because even on pc if you get over 40+ people on screen your fps drop bad.