TERA x PUBG Collaboration Event Is Now Live On All Platforms

tera pubg crossover popori helmet

The citizens of Arborea are ready to win their share of chicken dinners as the PUBG plane takes a quick month-long detour to the far reaches of Northern Arun in the TERA and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds collaboration event. Starting today, players will have access to exclusive PUBG-themed decorations, in-game events, cosmetics, loot, and air drops. “TERA players across all platforms can [...]

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Tera EU Launching Classic Server Later This Month

The European version of the action MMORPG Tera will be launching a classic server sometime this month, according to an official livestream. While details are sparse at the moment, Reddit user Tirafesi posted the following based on information revealed on the livestream: The official patch of the game will be Patch 27. It will contain content from VM1, VM2 and [...]

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The Valkyrie Has Arrived On TERA Console Versions

tera valkyrie artwork

The Valkyrie, the famed warrior women of Valhalla, have finally arrived on the console versions of TERA. Armed with her trusty Runeglaive, the Valkyrie dishes out massive damage and makes quick work of her enemies on the frontlines using fast-spinning attacks and critical hits. “The Valkyrie prefers to let her enemies, BAMs included, know that she’s coming. With her sturdy [...]

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