The Valkyrie Has Arrived On TERA Console Versions

tera valkyrie artwork

The Valkyrie, the famed warrior women of Valhalla, have finally arrived on the console versions of TERA. Armed with her trusty Runeglaive, the Valkyrie dishes out massive damage and makes quick work of her enemies on the frontlines using fast-spinning attacks and critical hits. “The Valkyrie prefers to let her enemies, BAMs included, know that she’s coming. With her sturdy [...]

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TERA Kicks Off Halloween Celebrations With A Special Dungeon & Seasonal Costumes

tera halloween candy basket

Halloween is in the air and TERA is celebrating with candies and costumes for everyone. En Masse Entertainment has brought back the Harvest Festival Hall event to kick off the celebrations. During the event, players will be able to participate in a special Halloween-themed dungeon. “Look for the witch Serena at the Eldritch Academy (near Pora Elinu) to participate. Once [...]

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TERA Phantom’s Keep Update Rolls Out On July 12th

tera phantoms keep hero

In keeping with their scheduled monthly content drops, En Masse Entertainment will be rolling out a new update for TERA called Phantom’s Keep. The update is set to go live on July 12th and will introduce the revamped Dreadspire dungeon. “Following some time out of the spotlight for revisions, the always popular Dreadspire dungeon returns to TERA with 10 challenges [...]

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