Corepunk Will Be 60% Endgame Content, First Alpha Gameplay Footage Released

corepunk pipes bannerBack in December, Dutch development studio Artificial Core announced a new Unity-powered isometric MMORPG called Corepunk which featured all the trappings of your typical MMORPG. This includes dungeons, crafting, mounts, and PvP. In an interview with IGN during their Summer of Gaming digital expo this week, Producer Eugene Kiver reveals more information about the game including the fact that 60% of content will be dedicated to the endgame.

“That's a problem for modern MMOs - too little of high-end content. Basically, 40% of our game is for you to get to the cap level, and after that 60% of the game is high-level content. It's open world, it's a vast wilderness where you can find rare monsters, rare world bosses. That's dungeons: randomly-generated dungeons and custom dungeons. There's also raids, arenas, battlegrounds - just plenty of things to do.”

Kiver also adds that the game is focused on delivering a true massive multiplayer experience with a persistent world contrary to modern instance and session-based MMOs. What sets it apart from other MMORPGs is its Fog of War, a feature more commonly seen in RTS and MOBA games. The inability so see the entire map adds an element of surprise to exploration and should encourage players to plan out their next destination or risk running into an ambush.

You can find the full video interview below along with 15 minutes of Alpha gameplay footage.