Creativerse Launches Out Of Early Access On May 8th

Creativerse, the Minecraft-like sandbox game, will leave Early Access forever and fully launch on May 8th. The creative builder has been on Steam since August 12, 2014, starting life as a buy-to-play title but making the transition to free-to-play in November, 2015. Our very own Omer took a First Look at Creativerse way back in January, 2016—that you can watch below—so watch it understanding things have changed since then.

The game has come so far since it first launched, with forty-one updates, more than 2.6 million players, and a great many features and content added, including player-published adventures, blueprints, machines and wireless circuitry, public worlds, land claims, the arc glider, a world map, block rotation, world simulation systems, new biomes and mobs, farming, taming, block phasers and mob spawners, a steady stream of blocks and items. The list goes on and on.

Launch does not mean that developer Playful Corporation is done building Creativerse's universe. A detailed blog post delves into the history and future of Creativerse, including the little-known fact that the game was originally called "Thereafter," and only changed names at the last minute. The tangible, near-sighted, additional features include:

  • Improved (and multiplayer) published adventures.
  • Tools to help you build faster and better.
  • Entirely new ways to customize your world and even the gameplay.
  • More ways to share your creations with the world, including some kind of revenue-sharing marketplace.

Creativerse launches on May 08, 2017, but it's clear development is far from over.