Crossfire X Coming To Consoles In 2020

A console version of Crossfire, the world's most popular shooter, is coming to Xbox One in 2020. Titled Crossfire X, the console version is developed by Smilegate, the same studio behind the 2007 original Crossfire.

The original PC version of Crossfire still boasts over 8 million concurrent players, over 650 million registered accounts, and its routinely grosses over $1 billion dollars annually. The game's success is largely due to China, but a Western version has been available for several years, but failed to find much of an audience.

Inspired by Valve's Counter-Strike, Crossfire quickly branched out to add new game modes such as zombies, vehicle modes, underwater matches, and much more. The sale of skins, new characters, and powerful weapons keeps the money rolling in. No word yet on weather Crossfire X will maintain the original's pay-to-win business model.

While Crossfire X will launch first on Xbox, expect a PlayStation release later on.