Crowfall Raises Additional $6M In Funding, Aiming for 2018 Launch

crowfall knight

Crowfall announced today in their founders update that they raised an additional $6 million in funding. The funds will go towards hiring additional staff as well as marketing the game once it's closer to completion. Aside from just raising $6 million from investors, the game is expecting to end 2017 with $4m worth of pledges from over 35,000 backers.

After missing their initial deadline, Crowfall expects to soft launch sometime in 2018. The game has been playable in various stages of alpha / pre-alpha over the last year but still seemed to be far from complete. That should change going forward though as the studio behind Crowfall drew "a line in the sand" and promised to soft launch in 2018.

Crowfall is a PvP heavy MMORPG that bills itself as a "Throne War Simulator" build on the unity engine. Crowfall's Kickstarter video highlights what the game is all about: