Dark And Light Focuses On Polishing The Game For The Whole Month Of April

dark and light celestial smithThere’s two sides to developing a game: churning out new features and content, and ironing out all the kinks that came with the new content. And, because Dark and Light just received new PvE content over the weekend, Snail Games thinks that it’s probably best to spend time fixing bugs and balancing the game for the remainder of the month. What good is new content if it’s just going to be buggy right?

“April is going to be the month of bug fixes and balance updates for Dark and Light. Since our launch into Early Access, we’ve been balancing bug fixes with new content. We wanted to make sure that we were addressing issue that arose in Archos, while providing new experiences for Adventures.”

A lot has changed in the sandbox MMORPG since its Early Access launch in July 2017 including three new PvE experiences, new creatures, and new items and the devs think that it’s time to start polishing existing content. “Now we feel it’s time to slow down a bit and work on what we have,” says Snail Games. “We’re going to be focusing on addressing many of the bugs that are still around Archos, as well as balancing different aspects of the game such as weapons and creatures.”

Check out the new PvE Mistvane Shrine in the video below. You can also head over to the Dark and Light official forums for additional info.