Dark And Light Celebrates Chinese New Year With A Pig Armor Set

dark and light piggy armorDark and Light is getting into the Lunar New Year spirit with a cute pig armor to celebrate the Year of the Boar. Of course, you have to kill a few ogres first before you can actually get your hands on that super cute armor set.

“After a devastating sandstorm swept through Gaia, the once abandoned United Army Outpost reappeared in the desert The outpost was quickly taken by the Ogres, led by Kuba, the tyrant of the Ogre clan. His rule has brought dark days and unease to Ganareth. It is time that the United Army put up a fight. Find Kuba and end his ruthless governance. Let’s bring peace back to Ganareth.”

In addition to the Chinese New Year Piggy Armor set, the devs have also doubled harvesting and taming rates as part of the celebration. Double rates will be active from now until February 10th. Happy Chinese New Year adventurers!

Check out the Dark and Light Steam Community Page for more info.