Dark Era Newbie Pack Giveaway


We have partnered with NGames to give away 1000 codes for Newbie Packs for their new, time-traveling 3D MMORPG Dark Era. Each of these codes will grant new players the following.

  • 2 HP Stones (increase HP in PVE and PVP battles)
  • 2 Magic Stones (upgrade material)
  • 10 Mount Stones (allows players to move fast; increases stats)
  • 5 Beast Stones (can be fed to beasts to increase Beast Soul; grants attributes bonus)
  • 20 E-Stones (enhances equipment)
  • 1,000 Vouchers (in-game currency)

To get a key, click the button below. Once you have a key, follow these instructions to redeem it. Keep in mind that only one code can be used per account!

  1. Register or log into your account by accessing this link:http://go.game321.com/giveaway_novy_da.htm?param3=N1
  2. If you are prompted to do so, download the client before entering the game.
  3. While inside the game, click the Login Reward button at the top right ("gold pouch" icon).
  4. Click "Get Activation Code" on the pop-up window.
  5. Enter your code and then click "Claim."

[keys id=100789]