Dark and Light Launches on Steam Early Access To Mostly Negative Reviews

Dark and Light, the highly anticipated sandbox survival RPG with persistent elements, launched on Steam early access today to mostly negative reviews. The game's aggregate score at the time of this post is 3/10 with 617 reviews. One of the biggest complaints seems to be the game's lack of optimization. Even powerful GPUs like the 980 GTX can't seem to consistently get above 20 frames per second. Many have reported not being able to get above 5 FPS even with i7 / GTX 1080s. Aside from serious optimization problems the game also seems to be largely incomplete with minimal content outside of gathering food and PvP.

I think for the time being, players should stick with Ark: Survival Evolved or Rust. Despite the overwhelmingly negative reception on launch day, many reviews did mention that they believed the game had potential. The game is currently on sale for $24.89, 17% off the normal early access price of $29.99 which will be cheaper than its official launch price. Snail Games expects to keep Dark and Light in early access for approximately 1 year.