Dark and Light Shows Off Guild Management Features, Administrative Basics

dark and light world

Dark and Light is still in Early Access, and may have "Mixed" reviews on Steam, but that isn't stopping Snail Games from pushing their new updates and features into Dark and Light - such as a video recently released demonstrating how players can manage their Houses - and not house houses, but Houses. The kind of Houses that other small Houses look upon and wish to be. Wait, that still didn't make much sense, did it.

The new video shows off how players can add ranks, set permissions, and even declare ware. Leaders can create special seals, to protect House houses buildings from other players, though it should be noted that those seals are from an advanced build of the game, so treat it as content that is subject to change! Another interesting thing to come out of this video is how mounts will operate. Three settings are available - communally owned, with everyone owning it. Player owned and House ridden, with one owner, but with everyone being able to ride it. Lastly, player owned, player ridden - completely private mount. Check out these features - and more! - down below.