Darkpaw Games Announces The 27th EverQuest Expansion – Claws Of Veeshan

everquest claws of veeshan keyart bannerLike the rest of the world, Darkpaw Games and its employees have had to adjust to the new working conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Working remotely poses a challenge for any video game development team but that’s not stopping Darkpaw from cranking out their yearly EverQuest expansion.

Head of Studio Jen Chann has just announced the 27th expansion for the classic fantasy MMORPG in her latest Producer's Letter. The expansion, called Claws of Veeshan, will continue the Torment of Velious storyline and will feature six new frigid zones along with new quests, missions, raids, spells, abilities, Alternate Advancements (AA’s), and collections. Players will also get additional inventory space in the form of the Dragon’s Hoard.

“Velious is overwhelmed with writhing ice. Frozen undead swarm everywhere. The few survivors that remain throw aside old hatreds -- for now at least -- and band together to survive. It is time for the bravest heroes of Norrath to challenge the dragons of Velious and put an end to the deadly magic that has tormented the citizens of the continent. Rise to the challenge! Face the ancient dragons of Velious and bring them to account for their actions!”

Pre-orders will go live alongside the expansion’s beta launch on October 21st. All pre-orders will include immediate access to beta. The official launch date has yet to be announced but, based on previous expansion launches, it will probably be sometime in November or December this year.