Day Of Infamy Holds Mapping Contest, Enter To Win Prizes


New World Interactive has teamed up with GameBanana and MapCore to host the first official map contest for their WWII shooter Day of Infamy. Brush off those Hammer Editor skills because participants have 10 weeks, starting September 15, 2016, to submit their designs. "Maps will be judged by the developers at New World along with the staff at MapCore and GameBanana. "

GameBanana is hosting the contest, and you can view the overall gist by visiting the mod site.

Of course, you're not developing your map just to show off right? There are, of course, prizes. Gold medal will receive $3,000 and PC goodies, such as a Strafe Keyboard. And the first four places will receive a prize so you might as well try.

Lead designer Jeroen van Werkhoven has also published a developer blog, with advice to map-creator-hopefuls based on the New World Interactive team's experience working on Day of Infamy.