Dead By Daylight Sold More Than 270,000 Copies In Its First Week


Starbreeze AB announced today that Behaviour Digital's asymmetrical horror game Dead By Daylight did quite well during its first week on sale, having sold over 270,000 copies and dominated the #1 Top Sellers spot on Steam. It sold so well, in fact, that all of the development costs have been recouped from the first week's sales alone.

Starbreeze Studios CEO Bo Andersson Klint had the following to say about the announcement.

We couldn't be happier to release Dead by Daylight as our first publishing partnership together with Behaviour. With this launch, we've proven that the concept we've developed with our own PAYDAY-franchise, can be replicated and utilized for other games. Taking the game to different events and seeing it on the top 5 most streamed titles on Twitch has been a thrill and a real ticket to the games success as a spectator friendly game. We look forward to seeing the game evolve and thrive in the community.

If you want to join the 270,000 and counting that are already playing, you can get the game on Steam. The 20% launch discount for owners of PAYDAY 2 is still running for the time being.