Dead Maze, A 2D F2P Zombie Survival MMO Is Set To Release On Feb 13

Atelier 801, the publisher behind the quirky title Transformice, has a new MMO coming out this month! Dead Maze, a zombie survival MMO with an oldschool 2D isometric view is set to release on Steam Early Access on February 13.

Dead Maze encourages players to work together across various maps set in California following a zombie outbreak. Players will need to scavenge for resources including food and drink to stay in optimal fighting conditions. The game includes a wide variety of weapons as nearly all objects such as TVs, forks, swords, and so on can be used against the roving bands of zombies.

The 'survival' aspect of Dead Maze is particularly apparent upon death. Players will drop everything in their current inventory upon dying. Though this loot can be recovered, it is often treacherous to trek back to do so. Each map displays the number of zombies and other players present, and there are often dozens of players on each map. While the game can be played solo, teamwork is encouraged. Special zombies with various abilities will often make short work of solo players.

Dead Maze will be available as a free to play game on February 13, less than two weeks from now. It looks like a great game to jump into with a few friends, so mark your calendars!

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