Dead Maze, a new 2D Zombie MMO by Atelier 801, has its first Reveal Trailer

You've probably heard of the French studio Atelier 801 before, at least in some way. They're well-known for Transformice, and now Atelier is turning their sights to a new IP - Dead Maze.

At the time, we only have a reveal trailer, and bits of information about the gameplay and general setting. According to its Steam page, Dead Maze will have players cooperate together to try to take down the hordes of the living dead that have overrun the world. Over 500 items, multiple classes, and thirst/hunger meters to keep an eye out for. It's as if DayZ was about zombies again, and there was no PvP.

Players who are fans of isometric games, and survival, should definitely give Dead Maze a shot. Dead Maze will be available sometime in Early 2018.