Decade Old Level 999 Door In Tibia To Finally Be Opened


With most MMORPGs these days, everything is documented before you ever reach it. Somewhere on the internet, you can find all of the information you are looking for. Tibia, however, dared to be different. A Reddit post from yesterday explains that there is a door in Tibia that requires players to be level 999 to pass it. It had taken until now for someone to get there.

The original poster explains that the door was added around a decade ago, with naught but a teleporter behind it. At the time, it was thought to be a joke of sorts, as the highest leveled player was somewhere around level 400. This being around a decade after Tibia originally launched, it was thought that no one would ever make it past the door.

Late last night, however, someone made it to level 999 in Tibia. At the time, however, he just kept grinding mobs and it was unknown if he would open the door any time soon. It's rumored that he won't tell anyone what's behind the door anyways.

Regardless, the door is an interesting little enigma that the Tibia community has been in suspense over for nearly a year. With any luck, someone will share what is behind the mysterious door sometime soon.