Desperate Times Comes To RuneScape Bringing With A New Epic Quest Line

runescape desperate timesDesperate Times have come to RuneScape. Yup, that’s the name of the new epic quest line which has just made its way to the fantasy MMORPG.

“Seren has a plan to deal with the Elder God threat – but don’t expect things to go smoothly. The races of Gielinor are far from united and a certain somebody has thrown a wrench in the works. Or is that a Needle?”

Players, however, need to meet a few requirements before they get to embark on the new quests. First off, players must have an active RuneScape Membership. They must also have level 50 Mining, Smithing, and Divination, and must have completed The Needle Skips and You Are It quests.

Meanwhile, Jagex hopes to help raise awareness and funds as part of the annual Mental Health Awareness Week. “As you know, we’re passionate about mental health here at Jagex, and one of our big initiatives has been to connect with mental health charities here in the UK,” says Jagex. “Recently we extended our outreach across the pond and teamed up with You Are RAD, a mental health charity based in the US.” The devs will be hosting a Reddit AMA session with You Are RAD (Rise Above the Disorder) founder Jason Docton on Thursday, May 16th at 1600 Game Time.

The studio has also been actively involved in two other charity fundraisers. “Mod Purpur will be walking the entire length of Hadrian’s Wall in just 5 days, solo.” That’s a total of 84 miles and in dubious weather to boot. A number of devs have also participated in the 2019 Rat Race Dirty Weekend a 20-mile cross country obstacle race with cargo nets, climbing walls, and “the world’s longest stretch of monkey bars.” Feeling generous? You can donate to one or both initiatives here. Funds raised will go to Jagex’s partner charities The Prince’s Trust and CPSL Mind.

Check out the Runescape official site for more info.