More Details About Age Of Wushu 2 And Dark And Light Unveiled


As Snail Games did not unveil much about Age of Wushu 2 or Dark and Light at ChinaJoy, Chinese media took matters into their own hands and asked the company's Vice President, Bill Sun, an assortment of questions about both titles, a translation and summary of which has been provided by MMOCulture.

Both titles will be released on Steam and they may even be buy-to-play. There was mention of Snail Games charging a box fee, further monetizing through DLC, due to the intention to release each game on consoles.

Age of Wushu 2's use of Unreal Engine 4 will give Snail Games the ability to have advanced features, such as branches that break and cause the player to fall when stepped on. The chance to break may even be based on the player's skill level. The game will have no restrictions, only "rules." The example given is that your characters can be attacked when you are offline and you have to find a safe place to log off if you want to avoid being attacked. The martial arts on display in Age of Wushu 2 will be derived from Qi and Dan, and interaction with players and NPCs alike will be "a huge part of progression." The first test is set to occur in early 2017 and will be exclusive to China.

Dark and Light will retain much of the original game's content. Despite upgrading to Unreal Engine 4, the design of the world, monsters, and structures is relatively unchanged. Players will be given the option to start at one of several villages or start in the wilds. Once they have made it into the game, players will find that there are no class restrictions and that each individual weapon has "its own skills and action." Progression will be heavily focused on building up settlements and fighting with other players' settlements. Other core features mentioned include "'Magic,' 'Summon,' 'Capture,' and 'Training.'" The first Beta test is set to begin later this year and will include three starter villages.