Devilian Shutting Down on March 5, 2018

In perhaps the most interesting fashion, free to play isometric action MMORPG Devilian is shutting down on March 5th, 2018. I say interesting because rather than the shut down announcement being full of sadness, it reads more congratulatory than anything else. It's as if the game's playerbase "won" the game by defeating all evil and there's no longer a need for the servers to remain open. Just take a look:

An important message for all Devilians…

You have harnessed your inner strength to vanquish the demons throughout Nala, saving it from utter destruction. We thank you for bringing justice and peace back to these ravaged lands.

The time of Devilians has drawn to a close; on March 5, 2018, the sun will set over a peaceful Nala for the last time. The time has come to lay down your arms and carry the laurels of your victories with you to other worlds.

The whole "evil is defeated" approach would make a lot more sense if the game held some kind of special event where players actually defeated some special enemy, but that wasn't the case. Still, after reading countless shutdown announcements, I did appreciate the fact that Trion Worlds took a different approach with Devilian's closure. The game will be playable for another month and a half or so but its Steam page is already removed.

Besides the falling playerbase, Bluehole had already stopped developing Devilian to focus their efforts on their other more successful titles (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Tera).