Devilian Shutting Down on March 5, 2018

In perhaps the most interesting fashion, free to play isometric action MMORPG Devilian is shutting down on March 5th, 2018. I say interesting because rather than the shut down announcement being full of sadness, it reads more congratulatory than anything else. It's as if the game's playerbase "won" the game by defeating all evil and there's no longer a need for the servers to remain open. Just take a look:

An important message for all Devilians…

You have harnessed your inner strength to vanquish the demons throughout Nala, saving it from utter destruction. We thank you for bringing justice and peace back to these ravaged lands.

The time of Devilians has drawn to a close; on March 5, 2018, the sun will set over a peaceful Nala for the last time. The time has come to lay down your arms and carry the laurels of your victories with you to other worlds.

The whole "evil is defeated" approach would make a lot more sense if the game held some kind of special event where players actually defeated some special enemy, but that wasn't the case. Still, after reading countless shutdown announcements, I did appreciate the fact that Trion Worlds took a different approach with Devilian's closure. The game will be playable for another month and a half or so but its Steam page is already removed.

Besides the falling playerbase, Bluehole had already stopped developing Devilian to focus their efforts on their other more successful titles (Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and Tera).

  • Boltonsquad

    MU Legend pretty much took the remaining playerbase of Devilian, even though that game is just as bad.

    • Zariarn

      Whenever I started playing MU Legend, I instantly thought the game was a lot like Devilian.

  • Augosyx

    This is just me but this is probably the only MMO to actually have a closure/ending instead of sad farewell like most recent games that has been shutdown.

  • stay away from Trion games, all of them turns out bad and all of them atm has low playerbase. they ruined defiance. i stop supporting them a long time ago. worse company next to gamerfirst and ea imo.

    • Zariarn

      Nah, you're just trolling. All their games are a lot higher quality than a lot of games except Devillian. Still yet, it's about as good as MU Legend. Just because you don't like the game, doesn't mean that they are bad.

      Defiance wasn't ruined as you say. It's the same game as it was when it released.

      Not a bad company at all. By my experience, they have one of the most generous and least restrictive F2P models on the market.

      • Provatorian-7-

        Keep that for youself mate! Oh btw ask the players who left Archeage how they feel! I was a big fan of the game since its beta and loved it a lot! Then the COMPANY you praise, thought it would be nice if the cash players had some advantages! And yes, i agree! A healthy game has to give some stuff to the ones who pay! That's how the law of game survival works! Then they decided to give them even stronger stuff that could be obtained if you are a heavy casher like pieces of armor, house areas etc! The free players where dissapointed, cause now in pvp and free areas were one-shoted by no-skill players who were stronger cause they were strongly paying to win in game! Then 3/4 of the players left the game and said that the company were no longer listening to their complaints about balance issues! Till now i have seen in many reviews that TRION is destroying everything they come up with and only 1 or 2 games escaped distraction! Archeage was a great game with nice graphs a great unique story for each race and believe me i feel nostalgic not being there! But hey i am not gonna spent 500 euros so to be one of the best but no skill player... And the amount has to rise more and more if you want to keep up! TRION is a dissappointment and i feel sorry for those who still believe that playing for free still helps the player! Better buy a game and have fun, rather playing this game!

        • Zariarn

          I don't understand the hate for ArcheAge. Yah there's some issues here and there but realistically they've very minor. The game isn't near as pay to win as people cry about. It's more pay for convience to me. Honestly, I've never spent a dime on the game. Also, I've never felt cheated by other players who have. Never have I felt, man those paying players are making my gameplay experience miserable. That has never happened to me.

          • Provatorian-7-

            Believe me mate! When it comes to pay to win aspects no skill players almost destroy games! In this game it is not hate as you said! It is more like dissappointment in the way they managed to destroy such a great game... I mean if they could balance the issues THEY created, then the game should have more people in than out! Anyway everyone has an opinion and is totally respected! Have fun and i hope they won't dissappoint you!

          • Zariarn

            I guess we have a difference of opinions. I don't see all the things you say "destroyed" the game. I think it's just fine. They're not disappointing me. I still have a great time. My only problem is that between my other MMOs I play, I just don't have a whole lot of time to dedicate to it.

            Enough beating a dead horse, haha.

      • Michael Carroll

        Yep arche age is high quality gambling pay 2 win grinder all right with no player base it's so high quality haha.

        • Zariarn

          Hardly a grind. P2W is minor. You can't say it has no player base whenever it has 11 NA servers and 9 EU servers. They're also adding two new progression servers.

    • Kenichi

      Well, I have to admit that Atlas Reactor had become a great game... lots and loads of freebies , loot matrixes and events. You don't really need to spend a penny on it (althought I did for supporting a bit the game). But yeah, most Trion World games are greedy as hell.

  • lulSock

    Game was bad to begin with. Then throw in a horrible cash shop model and boom. Here we are. Trion is slowly becoming known as the worst publisher for f2p games. They take games that may have a shot and then destroy them, usually shortly after launch to hook people in and build attachment. Then in comes the pay to win, pay walls, etc. The new common practice in the industry.

    • Zariarn

      First, yes devillian wasn't great. Cash shop was crap. It needed more content.

      Pay walls? I guess you've never played F2P version of SWTOR, EVE, LOTRO, EQ2, or other MMORPGS with much more restrictive game models. For instance, I've never had to pay for an expansion in RIFT. I generally just wait a little bit and boom, free content.

      Talking P2W. You've obviously never played a true p2w game. Trion has a lot of pay for convenience in their games but it's not pay to win as you're describing.

      • ivan_

        How did RIFT age? Still viable for new players to start? Also, didn't they have some lootbox fiasco late 2017? Was it a genuine attempt to introduce those overpriced boxes or was it a PR stunt?

        • He works for Trion lol.

          • Zariarn

            1. very original. He works for x company because he/she rebukes erroneus comments. Try again dailymotion.

            2. I wish I did. I really could use the extra cash for all the MMOS I play other than Trion games.

        • Zariarn

          I still enjoy RIFT. I personally believe the game has aged fine. Personally the loot box thing doesn't both me one bit. I never buy them. Others buying them don't affect my gameplay experience one bit. Their lootboxes are basically mounts or cosmetics and they're 100% optional. Some keys and boxes drop throughout the game world.

          I don't see what the big deal for someone wanting to sell a high priced loot box. It's not like they're forcing you to buy it.

      • lulSock

        I have played p2w games, having PWI, BOI, Aeria Games entire roster, etc all under my belt. RIFT now has endgame currency in their shop, which in turn allows you to purchase endgame gear(something they stated on launch of f2p that they would never do). There is a reason they are launching "RIFT Prime", it's because people are tired of the cash shop bullshit they have been putting out all these years that are killing the game.

        I am also a launch player of all the games you mentioned, and even beta tested for all of them, and alpha tested LOTRO as I had a friend that worked for Turbine that got me in. Please do not tell me what I have and have not played with next to no information on my gaming backround (which dates back to when they were only MUDs one of my favorites being Avalon). I have been submerged in this genre since a lot of these "white knights" for the genre were in diapers.

  • Qilin

    Heard about this game like 3 days back and was really hyped to download it next monday.... Rip crushed dreams.

  • OrangeTang

    The article recommended fans to try Devilian Mobile.

    That was shutdown by Gamevil in November. There is still the Thai PC version but thst one works a little different and hasn't been updated since late 2015 so it probably does not have much longer either.

    Bluehole Ginno was already renamed to PUBG Corporation when Gamevil first announced they were ending the mobile version during the summer. Ginno Games original CEO who created Devilian, was removed in the name change.

    • Thanks - i didn't know the mobile one shut down too. Appreciate the heads up!

  • Andres Rodrigo L

    finaly is dead :b

  • SL Leng

    i never got the chance to try this game. Mostly stayed away due to the horror stories about the Trion company and how greedy and abusive they were to their loyal customers.