Fantasy MMOARPG Devilian Has Officially Shut Down

devilian login screen

All good things eventually come to an end, that includes transforming into powerful devil beings in Devilian. Trion Worlds’ fantasy MMOARPG has officially closed its doors as of 3PM EST today, a little over two years since its Western release in December 2015. The news isn’t surprising considering how the developer Bluehole Ginno, now called PUBG Corp, basically left the [...]

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Devilian Shutting Down on March 5, 2018

In perhaps the most interesting fashion, free to play isometric action MMORPG Devilian is shutting down on March 5th, 2018. I say interesting because rather than the shut down announcement being full of sadness, it reads more congratulatory than anything else. It's as if the game's playerbase "won" the game by defeating all evil and there's no longer a need [...]

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Devilian Mobile Soft-Launches In Eight Countries

GAMEVIL announced earlier this week that Devilian Mobile has soft-launched in eight countries: Mexico, the Netherlands, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, and Vietnam. Devilian Mobile is Bluehole-Ginno's mobile spin-off of Devilian. It is an action RPG that, like many other mobile action RPGs, features several modes, including a 120-stage single-player campaign, a Raid mode, a PvP Arena mode, and "the [...]

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This Devilian x TERA Mobile Game Actually Exists

A new Devilian mobile game is out. A new TERA mobile game is also out. Wait a second, they're the same game? Steparu reported on the new mobile game "Devilian" yesterday, which actually happens to be an unexpected Devilian x TERA crossover title. According to the article, the title is somewhat reminiscent of the upcoming mobile action RPG Heroes of [...]

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Devilian Is Temporarily Packaging Items With Patron Subscriptions

Trion Worlds is continuing its promotion spree with a limited time Patron subscription promotion for Devilian. Between now and May 19th at 12:00 PDT, players will receive the following rewards when they purchase more Patron subscription time. 1-month Patron Subscription: Heroic Plunder Chest Plunder Key 3-month Patron Subscription: Heroic Plunder Chest Plunder Key Aelguard Wings 2 Kavel’s Tears Supply Crates [...]

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Devilian Producer's Letter Talks Pet Fusion, Mega Servers, PvP Changes, And More

Devilian's latest Producer's Letter is here. After nearly four months without a Producer's Letter, Andrew "Drewcifer" Sipotz is back to discuss upcoming changes being made to the game. A new Spring event will be launching soon with "spring themed rewards." Spring themed costumes will be made available in the cash shop when the event launches. The Spring update that launches [...]

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