Diablo Immortal Kicks Off Season 3 And Promises Fortnightly Updates

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As the dust begins to settle in the wake of Diablo Immortal’s massive, albeit controversial, launch in June, Blizzard Entertainment is now looking to step up their update cadence for the multi-platform ARPG. From here on, updates will now be pushed out every fortnight according to the studio’s latest dev update.

“Our current plan is to release new content for Diablo Immortal every two weeks—this will come in the form of either a mini or major update,” Blizzard said. Mini updates will include battle pass seasons, in-game events, and other smaller feature updates, while major updates will include additional story content, new features, and more in-game events.

The first mini-update has dropped today marking the start of Season 3 and a new 40-rank battle pass called Aspect of Justice. The update also kicked off the Hungering Moon event and Wrathborne Invasion events, added the vote-to-kick feature, and introduced various warband improvements.