Dirty Bomb Developer Splash Damage Ends Development On F2P Shooter

Dirty Bomb, the free to play tactical shooter once published by Nexon, is no longer in active development. Developer Splash Damage broke the bad news in an official announcement earlier today.

Despite regained publishing rights for Dirty Bomb from Nexon nearly two years ago, and hiring a slew of additional developers, Splash Damage couldn't manage to boost the game's numbers significantly. With the financials no longer adding up, the game will no longer be actively developed. To Splash Damage's credit, they are not shutting the servers down. The servers will be left operational as long as a viable playerbase exists for the game. Additionally, all Merc Pack DLC purchases will be refunded since no additional Mercenaries will be released for Dirty Bomb.

With active development ceasing, the playerbase will have to rely on tools such as Community Servers and FACEIT integration to keep the game alive. The official post contains a short FAQ highlighting what exactly will and will not change. While this announcement will come as sad news to the community, a look at the Steam Stats shows that the game has been suffering from a dwindling playerbaes for several years now.

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