Dofus Is Coming To Tablets As "Dofus Touch"

Wakfu may be newer but Ankama Games' flagship product is undoubtedly Dofus. It is unsurprising, then, that it would be the one to receive a mobile edition, as was announced today on the official Dofus website. The team has been working for months to adapt "nearly 10 years of content to tablets" and they are almost ready to show off their hard work. Soon, this new edition will soft-launch in France, in closed beta form, with other countries to be included at a later date.

There are several important things to note about Dofus Touch. You will not be playing on the same servers as PC players and, thus, will not have your PC character. According to the post, it is "extremely difficult to synchronise the two versions" and "the developers could work day and night to catch up to the PC version, but they’d never get there." As a result, Dofus Touch will launch as "the equivalent of the 2.14 update," rather than being 1:1 with the PC version. Dofus Touch will not have a subscription model, either, instead opting for "an economic model more in line with other tablet games."

Exact dates for the closed beta phase have not yet been announced.